Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Virgo: the Hermione Granger of the Zodiac

Today we will discuss the sign our sun is in right now.

Virgo (August 22-September 22) is the sign of the Virgin.
It is ruled by Mercury (the planet of communication, travel, and the intellect) and aligned with the element of Earth (an element that grants practicality, reliability, material wealth, physical strength, patience, fertility, and a love of beauty).
Virgo's colors are deep, dark green, in keeping with fertility, navy blue for a grounded intellect, and gray for the mutability, or flexibility, of the folks of this sign.

Virgos are the Hermione Grangers of the Zodiac.  Since they are ruled by Mercury, they are able to communicate quickly and efficiently.  However, this intellect (an area ruled by intangible air) is grounded by Virgos being aligned with the element of Earth.  This makes them reliable, practical, and always prepared.

Earth is what we stand on. It is always there, and we don't question its ability to provide for us. The Earth is rich and dark, and full of the materials we find valuable. Virgo, being an Earth sign, can embody these same qualities. However, Virgos should not be taken for granted. Like the Earth, they have a core of passion, however deeply buried. Also, like the Earth, they have a mysterious interior that belies their steady, productive exteriors.

The Earth is associated with the feminine--think Mother Earth--and thus with the subconscious. In dreams, caves are associated with plumbing the subconscious, and getting to know oneself better. Virgos have fertile imaginations, even though they may prefer to use their imaginations for practical matters.

The archetypes/people I associate with Virgo are the Healer (particularly traditional healers), the Inventor, the Farmer, and, of course, Hermione Granger.  The sign of Virgo combines the nurturing quality of Earth with the inventiveness of Mercury, so Virgo is good at turning compassion into practical action to help people. Because of Mercury's energetic mind and Earth's preference for the concrete, Virgo can make plans into reality. Virgo is patient, and doesn't mind waiting for a crop, literal or figurative, to grow.

A Virgo out of balance can become obsessive-compulsive and hyper-critical of themselves and others. They can have a tendency to nag, and can be quite sarcastic (as all air signs can).  Think of Hermione Granger at her best, and at her worst. At her best, she is prepared for any emergency, and ingenious at solving problems. She wants to help people, and is steadfast and loyal.  At her worst, she is a prim, irritating know-it-all.

Raven Kaldera, in his amazing book, Mythastrology: Exploring Planets and Pantheons, writes that a Sun in Virgo is best represented by Hestia, the Greek goddess of the Hearth. Hestia is a Virgin goddess, and Virgo is, well, you probably figured it out.  Like Hestia, Virgo takes care of the day-to-day chores we all find boring. Virgo is the planet of details, of perfectionism (Kaldera 25).  Though Virgo is sometimes taken for granted, its energy is comforting, reliable, and even Zen. Whatever you're doing, you should do it at your best.

Questions for reflection:
1) How can you turn the chores of your day-to-day, week-to-week life into an opportunity for meditation, pride, or even enjoyment?
2) How do you combine innovation (the intellect of Mercury) with concrete practicality (the strength of Earth)? Do you spend too much time doing routine tasks and not enough creating something new that may delight you? Do you have ideas, but never take the time to make them real?
3) Where are you on the perfectionist scale? Do you believe everything has to be perfect? Where can you find the balance? What things can you just "let go"?

Next Astrology post: Moon in Virgo (Yes! Other planets affect you, too!)

P.S. You MUST get Raven Kaldera's book.


  1. I think Rabbit from Winnie the Pooh might make a better archetype, particularly taking the books into account. Rabbit is the one who always works, who gardens, who organizes, who in the books looks after numerous friends and relations. Rabbit also is the most often irritated because he wants things to be perfect, he cares the most when things go wrong, he talks the most (while people actually listen, discounting Owl), and he's the most concerned with doing things correctly. However, in the videos it's clear that Rabbit thoroughly enjoys himself, even when finding things to be irritated or know-it-allish about. I think Rabbit's total inclusion in an assembly cast makes him more balanced than Hermione's single-handed preparation on behalf of Ron and Harry, and I think his nature work of gardening better displays the earthy qualities of virgo than Hermione's intellectual pursuits. Also, Hermione's knowledge extends to very advanced and impressive applications of magic/information, but they do not necessarily seem creative. She uses what she has and knows more than others, but doesn't appear particularly to invent her own spells or way of doing things other than being farther along than her peers. Rabbit, on the other hand, is often shown thinking up schemes for the others and trying new things in his approach towards gardening. Ergo: Up with Rabbit!

  2. Okay, now, I'm imagining a crossover fanfic with Winnie the Pooh and Harry Potter. By the way, I always thought it was odd that there was no spell that made animals talk. Perhaps, if Hermione was inventive, she would have come up with one! Rabbit certainly would.
    I think Hermione is in line with Virgo in the sense that she is intellectual, square in the element of air and Mercury. Hell, she's even named after Hermes! So, she has the intellect down. But, you're right in the sense that she doesn't invent. However, I will stick with the fact she's a very Virgo intellectual, while conceding that Rabbit is, indeed, an excellent archetype for the sign's energy.

  3. I'm kind of more in Whitney's camp: I love Hermione, and she's super-smart and healing and care-taking and all that, but when you think about it she's really not inventive...at all. (Though that is kind of my beef with J.K. altogether and not necessarily Hermione's fault, as far as making up new spells and coming up with stuff from different angles, etc.)

    So from the energy standpoint she's not a great example, but she does hit on a bunch of other cylinders, to be sure.