Sunday, September 4, 2011

My Decks, and What I Use Them For

There are many, many decks out there. These are my decks. They are the decks you will see on the Turtlephoenix blog.
The first deck is the Robin Wood deck. Oh, how I love this deck. The artwork is gorgeous, and every tiny detail carries symbolic significance. It is extremely user friendly, and good for both novices and experts alike.
Robin Wood Fool. Artwork owned by Robin Wood

I cannot recommend the Robin Wood deck enough. It is available at The Next Millennium, the best metaphysical store in the world ever. 

The next deck I have is my Celtic deck.  This deck is designed by Julian De Burgh, and comes with a book explaining the images. Each person on the cards is actually a Celtic historical or mythological figure, which makes it very fun and valuable for a Celtic-phile like me.  

The pencil drawings by Mary Guinan are beautiful and match the theme. It reminds me fairy tale books. 

The next deck is the Barbara G. Walker deck. This deck is more of an acquired taste. It's like the red wine and dark chocolate of tarot decks. The images can be sometimes menacing. However, it is that mystery that surrounds the images that make it appealing, at least to me.  Plus, it's very educational--Barbara G. Walker is an expert on ancient goddess religions. I recommend her books: The Women's Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets, and The Women's Dictionary of Symbols and Sacred Objects. I've put both of my copies to good use writing papers for English courses.  

Artwork by Barbara G. Walker 

My newest deck is The Goddess Tarot by Kris Waldherr.  I've been wanting this deck for a long time, because the colors are beautiful, and each card is represented by a goddess. For example, The Fool, called Beginnings, is represented by the Tibetan Goddess Tara. 

Artwork by Kris Waldherr

Anyway, these are the decks I will be using, and the decks I recommend. 
Now, a little about the Tarot. A Tarot deck is composed of the Major Arcana--cards 0 through 21--and the Minor Arcana, consisting of four suits of 14 cards each. Four of those cards are "royalty"--a King, a Queen, a Knight (or a Prince, in some decks), and a Page (or Princess).  I will go through these cards on the blog.  I will discuss the card, and then ask some questions that will hopefully help you connect to the cards. 

I use the cards as a psychological tool as much as a prognostic one. In the details of the cards are clues to how you're feeling, and offers insights to your life--past, present, and future.  


  1. The Barbara Walker looks interesting, and the Goddess deck is beautiful!

  2. I think so! I can't wait to get to know it better through the blog!