Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pee, Fawns, Genital Piercings, and the Color Pink: Not What You Think

This is a demonstration of a dream interpretation.  If anyone would like me to interpret a dream--with or without posting it anonymously online--please let me know.

A note on anonymity: all dreams are used with permission. No defining characteristics will be shared that may lead to a discovery of the "donor's" identity.  The gender of the dreamer is kept intact, unless requested.

Here are the dreams:

The dreamer is lying on a couch in pajamas. Her brother is lying on the couch across from her. They are both very lethargic, even though it is late in the day. The dreamer pees all over the couch. She panics. She runs to get paper towels and a spray bottle. Her mother cannot know about this, and she tells herself that she will just blame it on the dog.

Interpretation: The dominant feeling in this dream was that the mother might find out about the accident on the couch.  Is the dreamer hiding anything in real life? Is there anything she is frightened about her mother finding out?

Urine most obviously symbolizes shame/embarrassment, or a feeling of a loss of control over oneself. Urine, being water, can also symbolize emotions.  Upon further investigation of the dream, the dreamer recalled not feeling any particular urgency to get off the couch. Along with the fear of discovery, there was a sense of relief.  Urinating symbolized releasing emotions, and releasing these emotions brought about relief.

After this realization, things fell into place. Couches are associated with therapy.  The dreamer had recently begun seeing a therapist, something she felt she needed to do, but she didn't want her mother to know about it. So, although she was relieved to be seeing one and expressing upsetting feelings, she was also very nervous about her mother finding out.

The next dreamer had a dream with what she felt was rather disturbing imagery.  In this dream, she had a genital piercing, specifically, two safety pins that pinned her labia shut. She was desperate to remove the safety pins, but she was in a very busy bookstore.  She went into the bathroom, which was hot pink, and went into the first stall, but the toilet wasn't flushed. She found a clean stall, and tried to remove the piercings while a friend (nobody from real life, just a dream friend) called out to her outside the stall.  She managed to remove one of the piercings, with great fear of "tearing herself up."

Interpretation: This dream caused some anxiety to interpret, as the dreamer was embarrassed.  It was concluded that perhaps the piercing of the labia shut was an expression of shame about sexuality. However, the fact that she wanted the piercing removed was a sign of healing, and reclaiming of this sexuality.

It must also be noted that labia is another word for lips, that is, the lips of the mouth. The dreamer had been feeling stifled in waking life, but was getting better at communication. Again, the removal of one piercing was a good sign--she felt stronger about speaking her truth. However, the fact that one piercing still remained indicated that there was still work to be done. Perhaps her subconscious was telling her that she needed to communicate better with herself.  The dreamer felt that there were messages coming from a very primal part of her, but she felt like she was "blocked" from this information.

The appearance of the friend outside the stall indicated a need for boundaries and periods of solitude, balanced with friends who cared.  The dreamer was touched that the dream friend was concerned about her, and didn't want her to go away--just give her five minutes alone.

Pink, since it comes in many shades, comes with different interpretations.  The hot pink of the bathroom  was described by the dreamer as warm, flirty, fun, and glamorous--all can be adjectives used to describe a healthy female sexuality.

Public bathrooms are places associated with embarrassment, shame, and filth, and also symbolize boundaries and privacy.  Going to one stall, deciding she wasn't going to use it, and moving on to another, cleaner one shows autonomy and some power to make decisions. She is also getting better at placing boundaries, because there are stalls in the bathroom.  A stall-free bathroom indicates a lack of privacy and frustration about this lack.

The unflushed toilet shows a need to resolve emotions, to "flush" them away.  When questioned about this, the dreamer said she had been feeling frustrated, and was working out some unpleasant memories.

The third dream involved the dreamer being in a friend's bedroom. The bedroom was very large, dimly lit, and in soft, soothing rose colors. Along the walls were little rooms with glass windows. One was an aquarium, full of small, phosphorescent fish and a very tiny glow- in -the- dark turtle. In another "room" were some wolf cubs. One of the wolf cubs was in the room above, cuddling with a new fawn.

Deer, particularly fawns, are symbolic of gentleness, grace, and innocence.  This fawn was cuddling with a wolf cub, a symbol of the balance between loyalty and individuality.  Both of these symbols can also be considered "feminine" (the deer because of its delicacy, and the wolf for its association with the Moon). Turtles are symbolic of a talent for negotiating Earth and Water.  Both are feminine elements, the Earth the element of practicality, the physical, fertility, and abundance, and Water the element of the emotions, the unconscious, and the imagination.  Both are elements of creation, making the Turtle a creative, sustaining creature in mythology.  The phosphorescence of the turtle and the fish meant that they were equipped to go diving deep to find treasures, something the dreamer hoped she would do, metaphorically, with her friend. Further, fish are symbolic of the Water attributes, as well as the long life (they looked to be like tiny, glow-in-the-dark koi) she hoped for the friendship.

The dreamer had this dream after arranging to talk to her friend after a period of very limited contact. She was excited to speak to this friend, and saw her as having all the qualities embodied in the animals. However, she wasn't exactly sure what to expect after so long, and it was concluded that the dream was her subconscious reassuring her that the conversation would be quite comfortable (as seen in the lighting of the room and the bed). There was also a hint of sadness to the dream, as the animals were behind glass and she couldn't touch them or interact with them.  She decided that she would love to see her friend in person.

Going deeper, it was suggested that, since all elements of a dream are aspects of the dreamer, that these animals were reminding the dreamer that she, too, must strive to be gentle, loyal, and willing to dive deep and create.

So, those were the interpretations! What did you all think? Please leave any additional insights in the comments. If you would like a dream interpreted, either privately or to be posted here (with 100% anonymity) please e-mail me at turtlephoenix@gmail.com

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