Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wild Star

I decided we would break from going in order and just pick a random card. I pulled The Star, which is FANTASTIC, given the obvious holiday synchronicity.  What is not so in keeping with the holidays is the nudity. Two of my Star cards have nudity, and two don't.

Barbara G. Walker's Star

Nudity is symbolic of shamelessness and openness. You have nothing to be ashamed of if you have reached the level of joy and perfection The Star represents.  This is truly a happy, lucky card.  It is a card of peace, and I would add euphoria.  It is a card of dreams coming true. The naked girl could be the Blue Fairy.
Robin Wood's Star

Robin Wood's picture for The Star is, like all her cards, chock full of fabulous details. Today, I happen to notice the bluebells in the corner. This is because I am not a heterosexual man. To me, bluebells represent childlike whimsy and fun. Robin Wood calls them "Fairy Bells" in her book about her deck, and writes that as a child she firmly believed that the fairies use them as instruments (73). The bluebells represent magic and innocence. Actually, many types of joy are represented on The Star card. The water represents the unconscious, as water is wont to do, and the grass is earthly reality. Pagans have a saying--as above, so below, and the subconscious manifests in reality, just as reality manifests in the subconscious via dreams. The Star card shows that all is right both above and below, sub and super.  The Star shows this balance also in the stars shining so brightly at night. The sun, the symbol of the conscious mind, is after all, a star. So, even though it may seem like I'm stretching, the bright stars in the clear, deep blue night are also indicative of this balance. What do you see? Besides the naked chick, that is.
Celtic Star

Now here's something a little more festive! Here, The Star shows hope and a happy future. The man is following his dreams, and letting his heart be his guide. If you look at the star long enough, I swear to God it starts to pulse and twinkle. Just go a little cross eyed and soft focus, like the Magic Eye. What is that star leading the man? Where is it leading you?

Kris Waldherr's Goddess Deck: Inanna=Star

For her Goddess Deck, Kris Waldherr chose Inanna to represent The Star. Inanna was the Sumerian Queen of Heaven and Goddess of Love. Inanna, according to Raven Kaldera in his book MythAstrology, writes that Inanna is a goddess who is both Leonine and Scorpionic (160). Here, we see her with her majestic lions. I think that the fact that she is both Leo and Scorpio (although strictly speaking, when she is Leo she's more like Ishtar, a version of the same goddess), shows, again, this harmony. Scorpio is feminine, water, the subconscious, dreams, and deep, emotional intensity. Leo is masculine, fire, energy, sunlight, and fun. It is fitting that this goddess was chosen for The Star card, as she shows affinity with both these vibrations and marries them into something beautiful. When someone has The Star card, it shows that different aspects of their life are making beautiful music, or are about to. It shows talent and ability to make dreams come true, any dream.

I think my decks wanted to give you all an early Christmas gift. I wish you all the Stars!

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